Power Supply Voltage
10.5V DC ÷ 30V DC
Panel Potentiometer
5kOhm - 330°
Max. Current Gap (lmax - lmin)
Max. Power
Ramp Adjustment Time
0.1 ÷ 5 sec
Indirect Current measure
1V = 1A
PWM Frequency
120Hz (Adjustable from 50Hz to 330Hz)
Working Temperature
-10° C ÷ +60° C
Back Panel Dimensions
85 x 47 x 86 mm
Max. Panel Thickness
10 mm
Special version available with IP67 potentiometer


VPP2 electronic regulator is designed for single solenoid prportional valve open loop control.

Current regulation potentiometer is connected and assembled yet on electronic regulator.

Current range (offset and gain), ramps times and PWM frequency can be modified through trimming potentiometer (placed on the back side of the card) to meet different kind of valves specifications.

VPP2 is protected against supply overtension and polarity inversion. PWM output is protected against short-circuit.

Electronic card is epoxy resin protected.


You can mount the regulator on panel through two countersunk screws M4x10 (included). In the picture above is showed front panel dimensions and drills mask.

With VPP2 regulator is also included a sticker with graduated scale from 0 to 10. You can use this sticker as reference scale for potentiometer adjustment.